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I have known my partner for 32 years, we have been together for a lifetime and it is inevitable after so many years to fall into monotony, passion wanes and boredom appears, I had to do something and so LibidoOn was born, a tool to unite love and passion.

Victor Garcia Dominguez
Founder and CEO of LibidoOn Group SL

The project

LibidoOn® was born from the need to provide society with a practical and functional guide that facilitates the transformation of strangers into friends in an honest and healthy environment, that couples break the monotony, that the game makes them disconnect from the bad moments of the day and the experiences-workshops of professionals in the field of health, sexology, psychology, physiotherapy, facilitate the magic of seduction.


Why do we do what we do?

In Spain in the last decade the average percentage of marriages that end in divorce has remained above 50%, this reality generates uncertainty, fear and indecision in the face of marriage.

Nobody said that marriage was easy and there are many factors that lead to failure. To begin with, it is difficult to choose the right person with whom to share the rest of one's life, then there are the circumstances, for example, if economic, health, family, abuse, infidelity and monotony problems arise in the couple, it is not only a question of developing the tool that facilitates finding the right travelling companion, but also of motivating the couple to keep the flame of passion burning and not fall into apathy. This is our purpose for existing. To motivate stable couples and singles to find happiness.

WHAT we do?

Through experiences-workshops that create the perfect environment to increase communication and strengthen the relationship.

In the LibidoOn Application a team of expert psychologists create and update daily fun challenges inspired by movies. We have received a good part of our sentimental education watching movies, so it is not an exaggeration to say that through well-posed Quiz-type questions and answers, it suggests role models for our match or partner, this gives us a perfect setting to assess compatibility.


WHAT we make?

We encourage singles to find happiness and stable couples to improve their relationships.

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